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This is where we share some of our insights, as well as practical knowledge and tools that can be used to strengthening public sector programs.

Confused about NYC Middle Schools?

If you’ve got a 5th grader in (non zoned) Dist1 and have questions about applying to Middle School, please join us for this free information session The Public Good is organizing. Register here:

The event is co-sponsored with District 1 CEC. The Dept. of Education’s Middle School Admissions office will be joining to provide updates on changes and answer

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Choice and equity

For the past eight years, The Public Good has been actively researching NYC Department of Education (DOE) policies around school choice and choice leads to or is lead by segregation and inequity.

We have been exploring is the link between resources and funding for services such as after-school programs and the socio-economic composition of elementary schools.

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Tricia Davies