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This is where we share our research findings as well as platforms and tools we’re creating to promote free and open access to information about programs and services that receive public funds.

As you can see, we’re serious about connecting individuals with community resources, especially when it comes to education, because all children deserve the chance to thrive.

School District1 walks the diversity talk.

Community leaders in NYC School District 1 are serious about promoting our schools and supporting families. To demonstrate, they’ve organized a walking tour of (almost) every District 1 middle school for families to visit. Doors will be open this Saturday for parents and students (especially those who have a hard time touring during the work week) to meet teachers, principals and other parents from each school, to ask questions and learn about options. The goal is to encourage families to expand their choices and encourage the community to engage in diversifying our schools in this highly segregated neighborhood. We’re looking forward to joining the walk!

Tricia DaviesComment