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This is where we share our research findings as well as platforms and tools we’re creating to promote free and open access to information about programs and services that receive public funds.

As you can see, we’re serious about connecting individuals with community resources, especially when it comes to education, because all children deserve the chance to thrive.

Confused about NYC Middle Schools?

If you have a child who just started 5th Grade in a District 1 school, welcome to the start of Middle School madness! While a few elementary schools continue into middle school grades, the vast majority of 5th grade parents will need to apply to schools of their choice by early December. And depending on where you live, your child’s unique needs and interests, and your comfort with commuting, you will need to put some time into exploring options and rank-ordering them on a DOE application.

To help answer questions, provide updates on new rules and share relevant information as well as tips on time management, The Public Good is organizing a free and open Middle School Information Session for anyone with a child currently in District1 5th Grade. Fourth grade arents who want to get a head start are welcome too!

Refreshments and child care will be provided.

Register HERE to save a spot!