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An Easy High School Directory

At The Public Good, we’ve been exploring free and open government data for years. Besides analyzing data as part of our policy research and program design work, we’ve been looking for data that offers immediate value to ordinary citizens —beyond academics and policy wonks.

We believe that information about publicly funded programs should be accessible to everyone. Because increasing knowledge about government policies and services helps public consumers find the resources and make the choices best suited to meet their needs.

This is especially true when it comes to public education. However, with a school system as large as NYC’s, ensuring that everyone can easily access all the information they are entitled to in a timely way and that allow for yearly changes to the system and related policies is a constant challenge.

This spreadsheet is a test case that I’ve filtered for criteria such as graduation rate (87% minimum) and others which is why its only got 40 rows. I also added a column for tours/visits - to help me keep track. Keep in mind, there are close to 100 columns and it can be hard to associate variables specific to each of multiple programs within schools because it was saved as a flat file, rather than a conventional database that can parse relationships between columns. It’s still a heck of a lot easier than working with the monstrous print directory and it respects my thought process - unlike the current My Schools search tool.