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Expanding child care options

Our Impact


Expanding quality child care options on the Lower East Side


Project Scope 

The Educational Alliance, a 125-year-old social service pioneer operates an innovative preschool out of its flagship community space, Manny Cantor Center and was considering how it could prudently expand its early child care offerings.  The Public Good was asked to evaluate the financial feasibility of expanding the preschool to reach a greater audience and fulfill increasing demand for quality childcare in a changing neighborhood.

We assessed the market for infant and toddler child care using target surveys and focus groups, competitor research; and we developed a flexible financial model based on the client’s vision for offering high quality care at competitive price points.


Using our analysis, the board approved the expansion and a new toddler program launched successfully eight months later; infants were welcomed the following year.  Manny Cantor Center has fulfilled its dream of offering high-quality, flexible preschool programs for infants to four year olds.