The Public Good - NYC
Research & Planning for Social Impact
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Our mission

Our mission


Combining data with dialogue.

Our mission is to help clients provide innovative, financially sustainable solutions that meet community needs in ever-changing landscapes and with limited resources.

We do this by exploring data and listening to stakeholders. We’ve been leveraging data and human-centered research as planning tools since before they were cool. Because we believe data isn’t just for big business or academics. Good data comes from asking the right questions and should be used to aid decision making for organizations invested in social outcomes.


Promoting access to opportunity

We believe that promoting equitable access to information and opportunity contributes to healthier, more resilient communities. This, in turn, increases the capacity of individuals to give back and leads to a continuous positive feedback cycle.

Equitable access also promotes diverse communities - at work, school, in neighborhoods, cities and wherever people come together. And diversity of experiences, ideas and skills contributes to stronger and more vibrant environments.

We believe in access to opportunities for everyone and in recognizing the value of contributions from many different talents, ideas and experiences. Listening to many voices, communicating with each other honestly and with integrity.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are fundamental to how we work.